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Come Fly With Us: A survey of the airline industry

By David Capel

  • Reading for knowledge and pleasure
  • Extensive reading for students of business English

A look at the airline industry today and how it is likely to change in future


No industry has been more affected by the events of the last decade than that of airlines. Come Fly With Us is a look at the industry today, its history and how it is likely to change in future. A business extensive reader at the 1200 word level. Come Fly can be read individually by students for enjoyment or can be used as a class reader by teachers wishing to expose their students to business English.

ISBN : 978-1-896942-16-2 Price: ¥880 (¥800)
Level ISBN Included with text Price
Pre-intermediate and above 978-1-896942-16-2 Extensive reader ¥880 (¥800)