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Asian Issues 3

By presenting students with East Asian topics, students work through texts that are relevant to their own lives.

A reading coursebook with a greater focus on East Asian issues

Learning to read and think critically

All articles written with a clear and purposeful bias to help students develop their critical thinking skills by seeing the subtext in each article.

Asian Issues 3 is the third book in a three level series designed to help students develop the skills needed to read texts effectively and to take in information with a critical eye. All the topics are focused on Asian issues, with a greater focus on East Asian issues. Students get practice reading in English while learning about the culture of East Asia, topics that might be more familiar to students learning English in East Asia.

All Abax books will come with codes attached to give students access to our AbaxLMS. This LMS will include all the audio for each book, plus our new eLearning system which includes: voice recognition, extended speaking, video, listening and vocabulary activities. All of which work cross-platform, across smart phones, tablets and computers.

ISBN : 978-1-78547-089-9 Price: ¥3080 (¥2800)
Level ISBN Included with text Price
CEFR B1 978-1-78547-089-9 Student book ¥3080 (¥2800)
Included with text Free online(s) Sold separately
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