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Academic Listening & Speaking 2

By presenting students with sheltered content, students easily access the world of academic English

A bridge into the world of study through English

Listening skills, note-taking skills, summarizing skills, a focus on critical thinking

Students listen to and comprehend lectures. They then work in pairs to summarize and discuss the content. The pedagogical focus of each unit is on comprehending natural reduced-form English and also notetaking. Each unit has review activities to facilitate task repetition and learning.

A CLIL approach with a pedagogical focus on comprehending natural English and also notetaking

How Academic Listening and Speaking helps:

- introduces students to topics from the sciences, social sciences and the arts, readying them for study in an English academic setting

- shows students how to approach these topics critically by identifying support, seeing where doubt is cast, and assessing what is presented 

- develops student note-taking skills systematically 

- focuses on summarizing 

- teaches students naturally reduced, English weak forms

All Abax books will come with codes attached to give students access to our AbaxLMS. This LMS will include all the audio for each book, plus our new eLearning system which includes: voice recognition, extended speaking, video, listening and vocabulary activities. All of which work cross-platform, across smart phones, tablets and computers.

ISBN : 978-1-78547-075-2 Price: ¥3190 (¥2900)
Level ISBN Included with text Price
CEFR Level Low B1 / TOEIC® 500-650 978-1-78547-075-2 Text/Audio CD ¥3190 (¥2900)
Included with text Free online(s) Sold separately
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Sample Tracks

Academic LS2 Unit5: Track20
Academic LS2 Unit6: Track21