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JALT International Conference

2015 marks the 41st time round for the JALT International Conference, this year being held in Shizuoka at The Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center from Friday November 20 through Monday, November 23. This year's theme is 'Focus on the Learner.' As ever, Abax looks forward to displaying and presenting here.

Abax does exam prep too

Abax does exam prep too

In addition to センター試験のためのリスニング•スキル Abax released the first book in the three-part series, TOEIC® Skills, last year. This was TOEIC® Skills 1. The two higher level books should be available for the school year starting in 2016. Take a look at the inside pages to get an idea of how the books work—the series is all about developing TOEIC skills and the language skills needed for TOEIC, and doing it communicatively. 

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